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Our Work

This is our Projects and Publication Page. Most of the work undertaken by JU,S Jurídico Social aims at supporting our clients in positively impacting on human rights and gender equality in Timor-Leste and other developing countries. Below are some of our projects and relevant publications.

Law and Practice of the Criminal Proceeding in Cases of Gender-Based Violence
in Timor-Leste

Part of Spotlight Initiative Timor-Leste, an in-depth journey into the path taken by gender-based violence survivors before the Timorese courts. How the current practice still presents serious limitations in securing victim's rights and a trauma-informed and victim centered process .

English version - October 2022

English langauge.png

Pocketcards for Vulnerable Persons Unit of PNTL on GBV Crimes

Pocketcards developed with information on crime elements, investigation evidence collection and other information to be ready accessible to specialized police unit on GBV. 

Part of Hamutuk ba Igualdade (Together for Equality) Project

IMG_0839 2.heic

Victim's Pathway [Summary of Challenges faced by Victims of GBV]  

English langauge.png

Manual on Gender Sensitive and
Human Rights Based Mediation | Matadalan Mediasaun Sensível ba Jéneru no Bazeia ba Direitus Umanus

Manual developed to support the Timor-Leste Female Jurists Association (AFJTL) project on alternative dispute resolution conducted by traditional community leaders. The Manual is to serve as the key resource for AFJTL officers work at the community level in advising community leaders on how to conduct conflict resolution efforts while promoting gender equality and human rights.

The Manual contains 4 key parts: (I) About Community Leaders; (II) Human Rights; (III) Gender Equality; (IV) Mediation.

The Manual is written in Tetum only. 

Matadalan ne'ebé dezenvolve atu apoiu Asosiasaun Feto Jurista Timor-Leste (AFJTL) iha ámbitu projetu kona-ba rezolusaun disputa alternativa halo hosi lideransa komunitária. Matadalan ida-ne'e sei hanesan rekursu prinsipál ba atividade ofisiál AFJTL nian iha nivel komunidade atu fó konsellu no apoiu lideransa komunitária nia esforsu hodi promove rezolusaun konflitu ho respeitu ba igualdade jeneru no direitus umanus.


Matadalan ne'e inklui parte 4: (I) Kona-ba Lideransa Komunitária; (II) Direitus Umanus; (III) Igualdade Jéneru; (IV) Mediasaun.

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